Future Work

Even though Otter is a fully functional framework, we are still working on additional features.

First Improvement

Currently, CoTURN is deployed within a single AWS region. Ideally, we would like to deploy CoTURN in multiple AWS regions and have clients access the nearest cluster of CoTURN servers through a geographical DNS resolution. The goal being to reduce the distance (i.e., latency) between end users and the relay server when required.

Second Improvement

Otter only allows 1-on-1 calls. We would like to increase the number of peers that can participate in a video calling session to four as anything above this can become an issue as discussed in the “P2P vs Client-Server Network Topology” section.

Third Improvement

Currently, access to the HTTP API Gateway is provided through an API key. We would like to add a route to the API to invalidate this API key and generate a new one. This way, a developer who integrates Otter within a web application has the possibility to automatically change the API key if it is exposed in any way.